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Accidents involving tractor-trailers and other commercial trucks are caused by a number of factors. Some of these, including impaired driving,  distracted driving, and other acts of negligence are quite obvious. A lesser-known cause of truck accidents is improper truck maintenance. Federal safety regulations dictate that all commercial trucks must be properly maintained to ensure that they do not break down or cause an accident.

Determining that faulty truck maintenance caused an accident is not easy, as it typically requires a full and comprehensive investigation. Our Columbus truck maintenance safety regulations lawyer can conduct one for you and determine if there was a violation of the law so you obtain the full and fair damages you justly deserve.

Truck Maintenance Safety Regulations Outlined by the FMCSA

The truck maintenance safety regulations truckers and trucking companies must follow are outlined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Of the many laws, one of the most important is that truck drivers must conduct a full inspection of their truck before driving it. When they arrive at one destination and return to another, another inspection must be conducted. If certain parts of the truck are defective or breaking down, they must be repaired before the truck is operated again.

To ensure that proper truck inspections are conducted, truck drivers, owners, and trucking companies must also keep records showing when the truck was inspected or maintained. These records are often crucial pieces of evidence when filing a claim, as they can show negligence and a violation of the law. Truck owners and trucking companies must also keep the inspection records for one year if the truck is still in use. If the vehicle is transferred or sold, the original owner must retain inspection and maintenance records for at least six months.

Obtaining the records is important, but it is not easy. A Columbus truck maintenance safety regulations lawyer can subpoena these records and determine which party was negligent, so you know who to file your claim against.

Common Violations of the Truck Maintenance Safety Regulations

Any time a trucker or trucking company violates the maintenance safety regulations, it can result in a very serious accident. Some violations, though, are more likely to cause a crash than others. These include:

  • Improperly secured cargo
  • Broken headlights
  • Steering column issues
  • Defective or faulty brakes
  • Issues with the trailer hitch
  • Tire blowouts

Any of the above problems could cause a trucker to lose control of the vehicle, resulting in a very serious accident. A lawyer will ensure your rights are upheld and hold the appropriate party fully accountable.

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