Recalled Drugs Attorneys in Columbus, Ohio

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates the safety of pharmaceutical products. Even after a drug is approved, some unforeseen side effects can make the drug unsafe, and a manufacturer will either voluntarily pull the product or the FDA can do so. If you were injured by a recalled drug, you might qualify for compensation. Many of our clients at Oliver Law Office receive compensation for the harm they have suffered. Call our Columbus recalled drugs lawyer to discuss your legal rights when prescribed a recalled drug.

We Represent Victims Injured by Recalled Drugs

Pharmaceutical companies are not eager to recall drugs, because doing so puts massive amounts of money at risk. Many companies spend tens of millions of dollars to develop novel drugs, and pulling them causes the company to suffer those losses.

Nonetheless, dangerous drugs compromise patient safety. Many patients can suffer dangerous complications, including allergic reactions or negative interactions with other drugs. Some drugs actually make conditions worse or cause cancer and other diseases.

Because of these complications, patients need even more intensive medical care. Our clients have sometimes suffered strokes or heart attacks due to dangerous drugs and end up in the hospital for months. They have increased medical expenses they wouldn’t have incurred but for the dangerous drugs they were prescribed.

There are three types of FDA drug recalls:

  • Class I Drug recalls: A defective or dangerous drug contains ingredients that reasonably cause serious health problems.
  • Class II Drug recalls: A drug might cause temporary or slight problems for the patient.
  • Class III drug recalls: Products that aren’t likely to cause a health problem but that violate labeling or manufacturing requirements.

Any recall is potentially significant. Even labeling errors could render a product dangerous to use, especially if you are not made aware of negative side effects. We recommend reaching out to an attorney as soon as you realize your medication is subject to a recall. Bring your medication with you and anything else that seems relevant.

At Oliver Law Office, we value our client’s health. If you stop taking a recalled drug, make sure to reach out to your doctor. He or she should be aware of the recall and can transition you to a different medication to treat your health problems. If you have experienced complications already from the recalled drug, your doctor can help with treatment as well.

Holding Pharmaceutical Companies Accountable

We have over 25 years of experience helping injured consumers receive the compensation they deserve. In a lawsuit, we might request compensation for medical care, future medical treatment, lost income, pain and suffering, and similar losses.

Pharmaceutical companies have some of the largest law firms representing them. They aggressively fight back against claims that their drugs are dangerous—even after a recall is made public. Don’t try to take on one of these companies without competent legal representation that the Oliver Law Office can provide. Call us today to schedule a confidential meeting with our Columbus recalled drugs lawyer.