Defective Medical Device Attorneys in Columbus, Ohio

Medical devices are central to modern health care. With a device, people have managed to regain movement, control serious medical conditions, and live longer and healthier lives. Sadly, some devices are simply unsafe. They should never have been released to the public, and patients end up suffering serious problems as a result of the implant. If your device has been recalled, or if you have questions about whether it is safe, contact the Oliver Law Office today. Our Columbus defective medical device lawyer can review your legal options and discuss whether you should file a claim for compensation against a manufacturer.

Why Some Medical Devices are Dangerous

Medical devices should pass a rigorous review from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration before being sold to consumers. Nonetheless, dangerous products get released all the time and innocent patients suffer the consequences.

Products are defective in certain ways:

  • Manufacturing defect. There is nothing wrong with the design, but the way the product was manufactured creates a risk of injury or death. For example, weak materials might have been used to create the product, which fails once inside the patient.
  • Design defect. Something in the design of the product makes it very dangerous for patients. We tend to see recalls in this situation because all devices across the product line are dangerous, not just a few.
  • Warning or instruction defects. Other products are defective because they don’t have sufficient instructions or warnings about potential risks. Injuries are especially avoidable had the manufacturer provided the necessary information.

You might not know whether your medical device or product is defective. All you know is that you are hurting after receiving an implant. This is often enough information to start an investigation.

Some medical devices are recalled when the manufacturer becomes aware of negative side effects users experience. With a manufacturing defect, however, your device might be the only one that is dangerous, so there is no recall. Either way, an attorney should investigate.

A manufacturer is strictly liable for selling dangerous products in Ohio. As a patient, you might need expensive medical care, including a surgery to remove or replace a defective device. Some dangerous devices cause additional problems, such as stroke, heart attack, or cancer. You should not have to suffer the financial costs of receiving treatment to get well.

We can also seek compensation for rehabilitation, lost work, pain, suffering, and other losses. Let us analyze the full value of your claim. When multiple devices are defective, you might bring your claim as part of a class action or multidistrict litigation.

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Jami Oliver is a leading Columbus defective medical devices lawyer. She has worked with countless patients whose lives took a turn for the worse after receiving a dangerous implant. For assistance or to receive answers to your questions, contact her firm today. Important deadlines apply with this type of legal claim, and we don’t want you to wait too long to hold a manufacturer accountable for your injuries.