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Lawyer Of The Year Jami S. Oliver 2024
Jami S. Oliver voted 2024 “Lawyer of the Year”, Columbus, OH Product Liability Litigation – Plaintiffs by Best Lawyers in America Jami S. Oliver also named Best Lawyers 2024 in three areas of practice:
Litigation – Labor & Employment, Medical Malpractice Law – Plaintiffs, and Product Liability Law – Plaintiffs
Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer / Dublin Wrongful Death Lawyer

Dublin Wrongful Death Lawyer 

Losing a loved one is a horrific experience under any circumstances, and a loss can feel even more pronounced when it happens because of another party’s negligence or intentional wrongdoing. Nobody in Dublin should ever have to experience the loss of a loved one because another party was careless or reckless. However, these types of fatal injuries do happen, and it is important to consider options for holding the wrongdoer accountable. Through a wrongful death lawsuit, it may be possible to obtain compensation for your immense losses. At the Oliver Law Firm, we know that a damages award cannot bring back your loved one, but it can provide you with the compensation you need at this difficult time. Contact our experienced Dublin wrongful death lawyer today for more information.

What is a Wrongful Death Claim in Dublin? 

What is a wrongful death claim in Dublin, Ohio? Under Ohio law, a wrongful death is defined as a death resulting from the “wrongful act, neglect, or default” of another party that would have allowed the deceased person to file a personal injury lawsuit if they had survived.

To be clear, wrongful death cases are closely related to personal injury lawsuits in that both types of cases allow a plaintiff to seek compensation from a defendant who caused a serious injury. Yet in a wrongful death case, the injured person is no longer alive to file a claim themselves. Instead, Ohio law allows another party to stand in the deceased’s shoes to file a lawsuit against the person or entity responsible for the deceased’s fatal injuries.

Who Can File a Dublin Wrongful Death Case? 

Some states permit particular family members to file a wrongful death lawsuit, but in Ohio, the personal representative of the deceased’s estate must be the party who files the claim. Even though the personal representative will be filing the case, they can seek compensation on behalf of the deceased’s surviving family members. A damages award can include compensation for some of the following types of losses:

  • Loss of the deceased’s support and services;
  • Loss of the deceased’s companionship; and
  • Pain and suffering, or mental anguish, caused by the loss of the deceased.

Statute of Limitations in a Dublin Wrongful Death Claim 

Wrongful death lawsuits in Dublin, Ohio have a two-year statute of limitations. This clock is the same — two years — as the clock for a personal injury lawsuit, but it is important to be clear that the clock will start to tick at a different point in time. Whereas a personal injury lawsuit clock begins ticking on the date of the accident, a wrongful death clock begins ticking on the date of the deceased’s death. From the date of the death, a wrongful death case must be filed within two years.

Contact Oliver Law Office Today 

Wrongful death cases can be extremely difficult, especially for family members who are still grieving the untimely loss of a loved one. If you have questions about wrongful death law in Ohio or need more information about filing a claim, an attorney at the Oliver Law Firm can help. Contact our experienced Dublin wrongful death lawyer today to discuss your case.

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