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Hernia mesh has become a standard device used to treat patients. Unfortunately, many patients have experienced problems with mesh once it has been implanted. Even if their surgical team used great care, defects in the mesh end up compromising patient health. The Oliver Law Office is fully committed to helping those injured by defective products, including hernia mesh. You might not know if you can sue, which is why it is vital to contact us today to talk with a Columbus hernia mesh lawyer.

Defective Hernia Mesh

As you may know, hernias involve organs pushing through weak spots in a person’s muscle or tissue. Many patients suffer from hernias in their abdominal wall. Surgeons use the mesh to support the tissue around the hernia, which facilitates healing. Mesh also helps prevent a recurrence of the hernia. Think of it as an extra layer of protection, keeping organs in place.

Unfortunately, some hernia mesh is dangerous to use, and raises a host of complications:

  • Failure. The mesh might not prevent the hernia from recurring, in which case you need an additional surgery.
  • Infection. Mesh can increase the risks of infection, sending a person to the hospital. Untreated infections can lead to sepsis shock and other problems.
  • Pain. Poorly designed mesh can cause chronic pain, making daily living difficult. Mesh can move around and impact nerve endings where your surgeon didn’t expect it to.
  • Punctures. Mesh that migrates can end up puncturing and damaging healthy tissue, leading to pain and possibly organ failure.
  • Disability. Ineffective mesh might lead to an inability to go about your daily life. Patients cannot work or possibly even leave the house

Some brands of mesh have been recalled over the past decade, but any brand could potentially cause problems for patients. You might be able to sue even if your mesh wasn’t recalled by the manufacturer or the FDA.

In a lawsuit, you can hold the manufacturer liable for selling dangerous mesh. There are several factors which will impact the settlement value of your claim, including whether you needed additional surgeries to remove the mesh or treat damaged tissue. Unsurprisingly, many patients also end up missing work to tend to their medical problems, so there is loss of income as well.

We also consider the extent of pain and inconvenience you have suffered. Hernias can make it impossible for many people to return to daily living, and ineffective mesh compounds the problem. A lawsuit should compensate for pain, suffering, mental distress, and other losses.

We have More than 20 years of Experience

Attorney Jami Oliver has fought for personal injury victims since 2000. She realizes that those suffering from surgical mesh problems have many questions and might not even know that the mesh is to blame. Fortunately, our law firm can assist anyone understand the source of their pain and whether a product defect is the source of their medical problems.

For immediate help, please call our firm to speak with our Columbus hernia mesh lawyer in a free consultation.