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Car Accident Attorney in Columbus, Ohio

Were you seriously injured in a car accident on Interstate 71 or U.S. Route 23? If you were, you shouldn’t trust your car insurance or the other driver’s insurance company to cover all the expenses and losses you suffered from the accident. Instead, you should rely on a Columbus, Ohio, car accident attorney from Oliver Law Office.
Since 2000, our Columbus car accident lawyers have been helping people in Central Ohio and throughout the state get fair compensation from insurance companies. Our Columbus auto accident lawyers will help guide you through a complicated process as efficiently as possible so you can quickly get the money you need to recover from your injuries.

What to Expect From Car Accident Injury Claims

The weeks or months following a car accident can be quite complicated. Typically, even though you were seriously injured, car insurance companies expect you to adhere to their timelines.
You must discuss your accident with their investigators, provide receipts and other evidence of any damages you claim, and meet any deadlines. If you make any mistakes, your claim could be denied, or you could get significantly less money than you should.
An experienced car accident attorney from Oliver Law Office can help you navigate the process. Our Columbus auto accident lawyers will handle all communications with the insurance company. This means you don’t have to deal with tedious bureaucracy while trying to recover from your injuries.
We will work to get you fair compensation as quickly as possible. We can shorten the process by weeks or even months when everything goes smoothly.

How a Car Accident Attorney in Columbus, Ohio, Can Help You Avoid Common Pitfalls

While the insurance claims process may seem relatively straightforward, many pitfalls can cost you money or even get your claim denied. An experienced personal injury lawyer in Columbus will help you handle these common challenges.

Determining Fault

Fault matters a lot in car accidents. Ohio uses a tort system, which means that in a car accident, the at-fault party’s insurance company pays all parties compensation. While this system is supposed to protect you if you are injured in a car accident, unfortunately, insurance companies can use it to pass the buck.
In accidents where it isn’t entirely clear who is responsible, your insurance company will try to blame the other driver and vice versa. This dispute could take months or even years to resolve. Meanwhile, you are going deeper into debt and waiting for your money.
A car accident lawyer in Ohio from Oliver Law Office gathers evidence that will make it harder for the insurers to play the blame game.

Another way our auto accident attorneys help prevent this blame game is by taking the lead in all communications with the insurance companies. Insurers are skilled at getting accident victims to say something that could be interpreted as a confession of fault. Our legal team knows how to avoid those traps.

Preventing Delays

Another unfortunate tactic that many insurance companies use to save money is dragging out the insurance process. Even the most minor details can be used to create unnecessary delays.
For example, imagine you got into an accident at the exchange where I-70 and I-270 meet. Suppose you inform the insurance company that your accident was on one road and, technically, it was on the other. In that case, the insurance company can use that mistake to justify delays or extra investigations.
The real reason for these delays is that the insurance company knows the longer the process takes, the more likely you are to agree to a lowball settlement offer. Our auto accident attorneys won’t let that happen. If we see any attempts to delay, we will threaten legal action. Whenever possible, we will push to move the process forward.

Determining the Value of Your Claim

Many car accident victims get less than they should because they don’t understand the actual value of their claim, what expenses they are allowed to claim, or how to prove a loss or expense.
Our motor vehicle accident attorneys have decades of experience accurately determining the value of claims and proving that value to insurance companies.
Your car crash lawyer from Oliver Law Office will start preserving evidence as soon as possible. This means we will keep physical and digital copies of every receipt, medical evaluation, and pay stub. We are ready to overwhelm the insurance company with documents if that is what it takes to get you every dollar you deserve.

Act Quickly to Get Fair Compensation

How long should you wait to consult with a car accident law firm in Columbus? Do you wait until you receive the first settlement offer or until you are considering an appeal? Hopefully not. The best time to consult with Oliver Law Office is as soon as possible after getting injured in a car accident.
The sooner we get involved with your case, the sooner we can investigate and preserve evidence. This is important in car accident claims. Evidence can disappear quickly, and witnesses may forget details in just a few days.
It also should prevent you from ever getting a lowball offer you would need to appeal. Once an insurance company has determined what it is willing to offer, challenging that determination is a lot more complex than preventing it in the first place.
If you hire a lawyer right away, you will likely get more compensation and avoid going to trial.
Finally, Ohio has a statute of limitations. If you don’t act within two years of getting injured in a car accident, you will lose your right to file a lawsuit. Insurance companies typically won’t agree to a settlement if the statute of limitations has run out. Our legal team is aware of this deadline and will ensure you don’t run out of time.

Oliver Law Office Is the Women-Led Injury Law Firm You Can Trust

What do you need to get fair compensation from a car insurance company? You need experience, confidence, courage, and determination. The car accident attorneys serving Columbus at Oliver Law Office have everything in spades.
Our legal team has decades of experience handling car accident claims. In the rare case where some aspect of a case stumps an attorney, one of the other lawyers at our law firm has the knowledge and experience to step up and help. And we don’t sit on our laurels. Our entire legal team takes every opportunity to learn and grow as professionals.
Facing insurance company lawyers is never simple. But we enjoy the challenge of pursuing justice.
In Ohio, the personal representative of the deceased person’s estate is the only person who can file a wrongful death lawsuit. We can help you understand your eligibility, starting with a free consultation while we assess your overall legal needs.
Facing insurance company lawyers is never simple. But we enjoy the challenge of pursuing justice.

Contact Experienced Car Accident Attorneys Serving Columbus Today

At Oliver Law Office, our legal team always breaks barriers and builds trust. This means there is no limit to the amount of money we will try to obtain for you after a car accident. If you want a law firm that will fight endlessly for your rights after a car accident in Ohio, contact Oliver Law Office today.
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When Jami Oliver launched her own firm in 2000, she did so with one simple idea in mind: to seek justice for those who have been hurt, injured, or wronged due to the negligence of others. While she’s won numerous awards and accolades in the years since, her philosophy hasn’t changed. If you need an attorney who can advocate for you after an accident, product recall, or other tragedy, the Oliver Law Office should be your first choice.