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Lawyer Of The Year Jami S. Oliver 2024
Jami S. Oliver voted 2024 “Lawyer of the Year”, Columbus, OH Product Liability Litigation – Plaintiffs by Best Lawyers in America Jami S. Oliver also named Best Lawyers 2024 in three areas of practice:
Litigation – Labor & Employment, Medical Malpractice Law – Plaintiffs, and Product Liability Law – Plaintiffs
Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer / Dublin Defective Products & Devices Lawyer

Dublin Defective Products & Devices Lawyer

As a consumer, we expect that the products we buy at the store will work as intended. We don’t imagine for a second that they could malfunction and easily injure or kill us, but it can happen.

However, it should never happen. Product designers, manufacturers, and distributors have a legal responsibility to ensure their products are reasonably safe for typical use. However, defective products make it onto the market and into the hands of consumers all the time.

When you come across a defective product and you have suffered damages as a result, you need to understand your legal rights. That’s where Oliver Law Office comes in. We can help you obtain compensation for damages you have suffered due to a defective product or device. Contact our experienced Dublin defective products & devices lawyer today to learn more. 

Types of Defective Products

Any consumer product can be defective. The most common defective products include the following:

  • Motor vehicles
  • Boats
  • Auto parts
  • Appliances
  • Food
  • Medications
  • Medical devices
  • Cosmetics
  • Toys
  • Cleaning products
  • Pesticides
  • Industrial equipment
  • Machinery 

Types of Defects

A product may experience one of the following defects:

  • Design defects. A design defect occurs when the actual design of the product is faulty. Design defects affect entire product lines, not just a single unit or batch. Auto tires and SUVS are common products with design defects.
  • Manufacturing defects. Manufacturing defects do not affect all products in a line — just certain units or batches of a product. Manufacturing defects involve errors during the production phase. Examples would be a contaminated medication or a seatbelt that is missing a critical component so it cannot lock into place.
  • Labeling defects. When a labeling defect occurs, the product itself is not faulty, but it lacks warning labels or instructions. This can make the product unsafe for normal use. Examples would be medications that lack warnings about side effects or power tools without safety instructions.

What Happens Next?

If you have been injured by a consumer product, stop using it right away. Seek medical attention right away. Next, collect any evidence you have of the defect and subsequent damages. Photos of the injuries, medical bills, and proof of lost wages are good types of evidence to have.

Your next step should be to contact a lawyer. A personal injury lawyer can assess your case and help you hold the manufacturer and other parties liable for your damages. Many defective product cases become class action lawsuits, as many others have usually been affected as well.

Contact Oliver Law Office Today 

Unsuspecting consumers can get seriously harmed or even killed by defective products. Make sure you hold the manufacturer liable for your injuries.

Oliver Law Office has more than 25 years of experience seeking justice for injured clients. We’ll help you get the most compensation possible for your damages. Schedule a consultation with a Dublin defective products & devices lawyer today by calling (614) 220-9100 or filling out the online form.

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