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Columbus & Dublin Injury Lawyer / Columbus Surgical Staplers Lawyer

Columbus Surgical Staplers Lawyer

Surgical staplers are a necessary tool in the emergency room. When they fail to work properly, however, patients end up worse off than before they were wheeled into the operating theater. In fact, many of our patients suffer serious injuries when a stapler fails to work as expected. At the Oliver Law Office, our legal team is committed to remedying the harm our clients suffer due to product defects, including poorly designed or manufactured staplers. For more information, contact our Columbus surgical stapler lawyer today.

Surgical Stapler Malfunctions Are Common

Although they might sound novel, surgical staplers work much as paper staplers work in your home or office. They close wounds by pinching the skin together, which allows it to heal quickly. Closing the wound prevents infection and promotes health, so staplers should work properly. Staples are often preferable to sutures because they are faster and very strong.

Surgeons also use surgical staples internally, to remove parts of an organ or create a connection between tissue. When used internally, patients cannot see them.

Surgical staplers are Class I medical devices, meaning they pose minimal risk of harm to patients. For this reason, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) exempts surgical staplers from many regulations, such as a requirement to report injuries. Nonetheless, other databases track medical device failures, and the numbers are quite startling:

  • 109,997 surgical stapler malfunctions between 2011 and 2018
  • 11,181 serious injuries during this timeframe due to stapler malfunction
  • 412 deaths traced to malfunctioning staplers

Staplers can cause many problems when they misfire or fail to work properly. For example, a staple can perforate a healthy organ, damaging it. Misfired staples might also cause internal bleeding, infection, and digestive issues. Complications might result in sepsis and possibly even death.

When manufacturers become aware of problems, they should issue a recall to protect the public health. Many surgical staplers have been recalled. However, even staplers not yet recalled could injure patients.

If you were victimized by a defective medical product, you might have a legal right to compensation. The manufacturer is liable when their dangerous products hurt people. We can review whether you qualify for compensation, such as medical expenses to treat your injuries, as well as pain and suffering, lost income, and similar losses.

Call Oliver Law Office for Assistance

Many patients have no idea that a defective stapler has harmed them. All they know is that they had surgery and have not improved as they expected. Indeed, if your surgeon used staples internally, you might be totally unaware of it.

What should you do if you suspect staplers are to blame? We recommend reaching out to your medical team and then schedule an appointment with Oliver Law. We can take many steps, such as requesting your medical records, which will help us uncover whether staples were used. We might also interview members of your surgical team. To get started, contact us today. Our Columbus surgical staplers lawyer offers consultations to those with questions or concerns.

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