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Lawyer Of The Year Jami S. Oliver 2024
Jami S. Oliver voted 2024 “Lawyer of the Year”, Columbus, OH Product Liability Litigation – Plaintiffs by Best Lawyers in America Jami S. Oliver also named Best Lawyers 2024 in three areas of practice:
Litigation – Labor & Employment, Medical Malpractice Law – Plaintiffs, and Product Liability Law – Plaintiffs
Columbus Personal Injury Lawyer / Columbus Monsanto Roundup Litigation & MDL Lawyer

Columbus Monsanto Roundup Litigation and MDL Lawyer

Roundup was a popular weedkiller, used by homeowners and businesses to keep their lawns tidy. However, Roundup contained an ingredient, glyphosate, which scientists first linked to cancer in 2013. Since that report almost a decade ago, other scientists confirmed that glyphosate was probably a carcinogen and therefore dangerous to humans. The good news is that the public has stopped using Roundup to control weeds. The bad news is that hundreds of thousands of people were likely exposed to a dangerous carcinogen while Roundup was on the market.

Many people have successfully brought lawsuits against Monsanto, which manufactured and sold Roundup, for being a substantial factor in their cancer. If you believe that Roundup has caused your cancer, please contact the Oliver Law Office. Our Columbus Monsanto Roundup Litigation MDL lawyer will help you understand whether you can sue.

Do You Have a Claim?

The first lawsuits against Monsanto Bayer went to trial in 2017 and resulted in verdicts of $289 million and $2 billion. To protect itself, Monsanto proposed creating a settlement that would resolve all existing claims against the company for exposure to Roundup. Since then, the company has settled over 100,000 lawsuits—but thousands continue to be filed.

Many of the cases have been consolidated and heard in California federal court. This type of multidistrict litigation (MDL) is designed for the efficient resolution of cases. The Roundup litigation is the rare case that has seen itself consolidated in this way.

In the meantime, Monsanto pulled Roundup from the marketplace to protect the public. This action however cannot protect the people who already suffered dangerous exposure. Monsanto did not provide adequate warnings to the public about the health risks posed by Roundup, so people could not take necessary precautions.

Most of those with current lawsuits are for Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which typically develops 10-15 years after exposure. Some plaintiffs worked on the grounds crew at public parks or schools, so they were exposed to an extensive amount of the product.

Success in a products liability case like the Monsanto Roundup litigation is never guaranteed. We can meet to discuss whether we can link your cancer to Roundup. Although scientists acknowledge that the product contained known carcinogens, victims still must prove that they were exposed to Roundup. This necessary step usually requires extensive fact finding and preparation.

How Our Team Can Help

Suing a giant company like Monsanto is intimidating. They have large law firms representing them. And they try to limit their liability as best they can. Although the company has set aside billions to pay claims to victims, no one should assume they will be automatically approved. In fact, many people see their claims denied and end up with nothing.

Please call the Oliver Law Office today if you have questions. We can provide a preliminary analysis of whether you are likely to bring a successful claim. If hired, we will also begin the arduous task of pulling together all facts needed to prove your case. Contact us for a confidential consultation.

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