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Personal Injury Attorney in Columbus, OHIO

Suffering a serious injury doesn’t just cause you physical pain. It often leaves you overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. Even if you fully recover from your injury, between medical bills and lost wages, you could find yourself drowning in debt and feeling like you’ll never escape the situation.

Oliver Law Office provides personal injury legal services in Columbus for people facing these challenges. Our Columbus personal injury lawyers can explain your legal rights after an injury and help you pursue the option that best fits your needs.

Not sure how you should proceed after suffering an injury? Contact a Columbus personal injury attorney at Oliver Law Office. We offer consultations and case evaluations. You can get the information you need to lift that anxiety.

What Is a Personal Injury Claim?

A car accident lawyer in Columbus, a workers’ compensation attorney in Columbus, and a construction accident attorney in Columbus share something in common — they are all personal injury lawyers. Personal injury is one of the largest practice areas in civil law. This is because so many types of injuries are covered by the definition of “personal injury.”

According to Ohio law, a personal injury is any harm caused to a person by another party, either due to negligence or intentional action. This includes physical injuries and mental anguish. Property damage is not a type of personal injury, though the emotional distress from property damage might qualify as a personal injury.

Why Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney in Columbus?

Any time you suffer an injury due to the actions of another party, you should get legal representation. Injury cases in Columbus typically result in an insurance claims process. This may seem reasonable, but the process puts you against the insurance company. The insurance company makes more money if it denies or undervalues your claim.
Every personal injury lawyer in Columbus from Oliver Law Office is dedicated to helping injury victims in Ohio. Our lawyers pledge to provide unique solutions through compassionate and ethical service.
If you rely on an insurance company to do the right thing, you will likely get less money than you deserve. The insurance company often fails to explain the options or intentionally acts in bad faith. Personal injury victims rarely get as much compensation as they should when experienced personal injury attorneys in Columbus don’t represent them.

How a Personal Injury Law Firm in Columbus Can Help

The insurance claim process is frustrating and complicated for most people. It involves much paperwork and unclear deadlines. If you miss a deadline or fail to provide the proper information to the insurance company, your claim could get delayed or denied. A Columbus injury lawyer from Oliver Law Office will help you avoid those difficulties.
Our Columbus injury attorneys are familiar with the claims process of all major Ohio insurance companies. We will lead all communications with the insurer and ensure the process moves as efficiently as possible.
Furthermore, our Central Ohio injury lawyers won’t allow the insurance company to control the investigation of your claim. Our legal team will interview witnesses, investigate the accident site, and gather any other evidence available that proves another party was liable.
We will also help you procure and preserve evidence of the severity of your injuries. Too often, injury victims get less compensation than they should because they are unable to prove the full extent of their injuries.
The most important value we offer is our ability to negotiate with the insurance company. If a lawyer doesn’t represent you, you will find yourself in a situation where you have to accept whatever offer the insurance company makes. That all changes when Oliver Law Office is representing you.
Our attorneys will accurately calculate the actual value of your claim. Because we have collected extensive evidence, we can prove that value to the insurance company. This becomes the starting point of any negotiations.
The insurance company is unlikely to try to make a lowball offer if a lawyer represents you. The insurance company will understand that you are willing to take your claim to court if the insurance company acts in bad faith.
Finally, if we are forced to go to trial, our attorneys have decades of courtroom experience, and we approach all challenges with confidence, courage, and determination. Fighting an insurance company in the courtroom is the challenge we look forward to.
It doesn’t matter how many lawyers the insurance company has or how much money it throws at the case. We are always up to the challenge and will fight until all options are exhausted or you are fairly compensated.

Why You Should Trust Oliver Law Office With Your Personal Injury Case

Oliver Law Office was built to support and prioritize you through unparalleled communication and commitment to individualized needs.

Breaking Barriers, Building Trust: Women-Led Injury Law

It all starts when you come in for a consultation. The lawyer assigned to your case will take the time to get to know you and understand your case’s intricacies. This allows us to provide unique solutions to specific challenges you are facing.

Has the statute of limitations passed for personal injury claims in Ohio? Our legal team will research the details of your case and determine whether you were legally disabled at any time since the accident or whether the alleged party fled the state. Both situations would toll the statute of limitations and let us file a lawsuit.

Alternatively, if the main challenge of your lawsuit is proving that the other party was responsible, we will send our best investigators to uncover as much evidence as possible. What resources we assign to your case and how we approach them are always dictated by your needs and the unique circumstances of your case.

Oliver Law Office has used this approach for over 20 years and has gotten results. Just as importantly, this approach helps clients like you better understand their claim and how it is being tackled. This should help reduce your anxiety and make you feel more comfortable about your financial future after the insurance claim process.

Contact a Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer Serving Columbus and All of Ohio Today

Between the physical pain of a serious injury and the anxiety that comes with financial losses, personal injury claims in Ohio can be a terrifying experience. At Oliver Law Office, we are committed to removing the fear from our clients. We do this by providing compassionate, skilled representation and regular communication.
If you were hurt due to the actions of another party, whether negligent or intentional, you deserve to get fair compensation from them or their insurance company. Our law firm has decades of combined experience helping individuals like you get money to pay for their recovery.

Are you ready to learn more about your legal options and how we can help you? Contact Oliver Law Office, serving Columbus and nearby areas, to schedule a consultation today.

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When Jami Oliver launched her own firm in 2000, she did so with one simple idea in mind: to seek justice for those who have been hurt, injured, or wronged due to the negligence of others. While she’s won numerous awards and accolades in the years since, her philosophy hasn’t changed. If you need an attorney who can advocate for you after an accident, product recall, or other tragedy, the Oliver Law Office should be your first choice.