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In December 2013, Uber arrived in Columbus to provide Central Ohio residents access to “a safe, reliable, and convenient way to move around their city.” With other companies like Lyft following suit in 2016, Ohio residents have since had access to rideshare transportation options with the tap of an app.

The problem is that riders count on their Uber and Lyft drivers to be responsible — focusing only on the trip at hand — when they’re onboard. Unfortunately, rideshare drivers can be just as negligent as any other Ohio motorist, including driving impaired, distracted, speeding, or recklessly.

When they do, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and other motorists pay the price, and our Dublin rideshare accident attorneys want to help.

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Many Ohio residents rely on rideshare services, including Uber and Lyft, for transportation in a wide range of circumstances. In theory, Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare services should help to reduce overall traffic collision rates, especially those caused by drunk driving, since they can help to limit the likelihood that a motorist will get behind the wheel if they are intoxicated or too tired to drive. However, Uber and Lyft drivers can make mistakes while driving and can be responsible for collisions resulting from their negligence. Depending upon the specific circumstances of the case, you may be eligible to seek compensation through an Uber or Lyft insurance policy that may cover up to $1 million in losses. An attorney can evaluate your case and provide you with more information. Contact our experienced Dublin Uber & Lyft accidents lawyer today.

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When Can Uber and Lyft Insurance Policies Be Pursued for Rideshare Accidents and Injuries in Dublin, Ohio

Depending upon whether a rideshare driver has accepted a ride or is transporting a passenger, a person who is injured in an Uber or Lyft accident may be eligible to seek compensation through a $1 million Uber or Lyft insurance policy. The availability of Uber or Lyft insurance coverage ultimately will depend upon the status of the rideshare driver.

Insurance in an Uber or Lyft accident has three parts:

  • When an Uber or Lyft driver is using their vehicle for personal purposes and is not working for Uber or Lyft at the time of the accident, then the driver’s personal insurance policy will be all that applies.
  • When an Uber or Lyft driver is working (and is available to pick up a passenger) but has not yet accepted a ride or does not have a passenger in the vehicle, Uber or Lyft may provide additional liability insurance beyond what the driver’spersonal insurance covers, including up to $100,000 in bodily injury liability per accident.
  • When an Uber or Lyft driver has accepted a ride and has a passenger in their vehicle, Uber and Lyft have a $1 million liability insurance policy that can apply in the event of an accident.

Even when another motorist is at fault for the crash, if you were riding in an Uber or Lyft vehicle and injured, the Uber or Lyft $1 million policy may be able to provide coverage for you. Our Dublin rideshare accident and injury lawyers can help you understand which insurance policy limits we can pursue on your behalf, starting with a free consultation.

Why are So Many Uber & Lyft Accidents Occurring in Dublin, Ohio?

Since 2000, our car accident attorneys in Franklin, Delaware, and Union counties have protected the rights of auto accident injury victims and the families of those who have lost their loved ones in crashes throughout Ohio.

Since our law firm’s inception, we have watched vehicle accidents evolve, including adding Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare companies to the personal injury fold.

The theory behind rideshare services is for riders to attend nights out without the responsibility of driving, potentially lessening the risk of impaired driving, parking issues, and traffic congestion problems that plague larger cities during sporting events, conventions, and weekend hot spots that draw significant crowds.

However, rideshare drivers spend most of their time behind the wheel, accepting rides, accessing maps, and messaging riders regarding pick-up instructions from their phones or other electronic devices. This is the definition of distracted driving.

Common Causes of Rideshare Accidents Involving Uber and Lyft Drivers in Dublin

Rideshare drivers can also exhibit other negligent behaviors — just as any other driver might — including:

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, since rideshare companies require no oversight or supervision.
  • Drowsy driving, since Uber or Lyft drivers have an extensive 12-hour driving limit.
  • Reckless or aggressive driving behaviors and traffic law violations place profits over the safety of passengers and other road users.

Because Uber and Lyft drivers are solely in charge of when they accept rides and how they drive their vehicles, rideshare driver negligence can play a significant role in traffic collisions throughout Ohio. If you have been injured as a passenger or while driving your vehicle because of a rideshare driver’s negligence, contact our skilled Uber and Lyft accident and injury attorneys in Dublin to discuss your case during a free consultation today.

We can help you understand who is liable for your damages and which insurance policy we can pursue to obtain the compensation you need to get your life back on track.

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