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Car accidents are always stressful events. When a driver leaves the scene of a crash, injured individuals experience even more frustration, confusion, and stress. Motorists leave accident scenes for many reasons, including wanting to shield themselves from liability, because they do not carry the proper amount of insurance, or simply because they are frightened.

If a driver has crashed into your vehicle and then fled the scene, you may be left with serious injuries and without knowing whether or not you will ever find the driver that hit you. When you have been hurt and cannot locate the offending party, our Columbus hit & run accident lawyer can help you claim compensation.

What is a hit-and-run accident?

Under state law, any motorist involved in a crash must stop their vehicle and check to make sure no one was injured and offer assistance if necessary. In the case that an accident resulted in injury, death, or significant property damage, motorists are also required to remain at the scene until law enforcement arrives. Drivers should also always exchange information, such as their insurance information, with the other motorists involved in a crash. When a person fails to take these steps after a crash, they can be convicted of a hit and run.

Criminal Charges vs. Civil Damages

Being convicted of a hit and run comes with very harsh penalties in Columbus, and throughout all of Ohio. If convicted, a motorist may face up to six months in jail, high fines, and even a driver’s license suspension. The criminal penalties levied after a hit and run accident are meant to compensate the state, punish the individual, and deter them from committing such acts in the future.

While it is important that hit and run drivers are held criminally accountable for their actions, the penalties will do nothing for accident victims. In order to obtain financial compensation, accident victims must first file a claim against the hit and run driver. Filing a claim after a hit and run is much more challenging than filing a claim against an identified party. Due to the fact that a driver fled the scene in these cases, civil claims are inherently more challenging in hit and run accident cases.

When the hit and run driver is not identified, it can make it very challenging for accident victims to obtain the fair settlement they are entitled to. Sometimes, the only option is to file a claim under the victim’s uninsured motorist policy. In Ohio, this type of coverage is not mandatory, but it is always recommended so all drivers are fully protected.

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Our Hit and Run Accident Lawyer in Columbus Can Provide Sound Advice

If you have been hit by a driver who left the accident scene, it is critical that you speak to a Columbus hit and run accident lawyer. At Oliver Law Office, our seasoned attorney can outline your legal options and help you pursue the best path that will allow you to obtain the full and fair compensation you need. Call or text us now at (614)-220-9100 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.

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