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Experienced Back Injury Attorneys in Columbus, Ohio

Back injuries are typically considered long-term and so, they can result in serious psychological and physical harm. A back injury can result in chronic pain, a lost ability to work, permanent disability, and mental anguish when people can no longer partake in the things they once loved. Regardless of the type of injury you sustained, our Columbus back injury lawyer can help with your case.

Symptoms of a Back Injury

Depending on the type and the severity of the injury, damage to the back can cause many symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms of a back injury include:

  • Shooting, stabbing pains in the affected area
  • Burning sensations
  • Tightness, pressure, stiffness, or aching in the neck and back areas
  • Leg spasms, or tingling down the leg
  • Weakness in the leg
  • In extreme cases, loss of function in the bladder or bowels

Anyone can suffer from chronic or short-term back pain after an accident. Ignoring any discomfort after an accident can lead to injuries of a more serious nature, advanced treatment, and even surgery. A Columbus back injury lawyer will have the knowledge and understanding to help you navigate the legal process while trying to recover from a painful injury.

Types of Back Injuries

According to the American Chiropractic Association, back injuries are some of the most common causes of people missing work. The pain can often be debilitating and result in a greatly reduced range of motion. Some of the most common types of back injuries include:

  • Herniated or bulging discs
  • Sprains and strains of the muscles and ligaments
  • Spinal stenosis, which occurs when the bony areas of the spine compress the spinal column
  • Osteoarthritis of the spine, which is also known as degenerative disc disease
  • Scoliosis, which happens when the spine turns sideways
  • Arthritis, which affects the joints in the back

Compensation Available for a Back Injury

If you have suffered a back injury during a car crash, slip and fall, or other type of accident, you may be able to obtain compensation from any negligent person who contributed to your injury. The medical treatment and rehabilitation you will require afterward will likely be long-term, which can place an additional financial burden on you. A back injury can also result in severe psychological harm, particularly when it causes long-term pain and limits your range of motion. When filing a claim for compensation against a negligent party, you can pursue damages for the following:

  • Medical expenses, including physical therapy and post-accident surgeries
  • Lost income if you cannot return to work
  • Mental anguish, for the trauma endured during and after the accident
  • Physical pain experienced as you recover
  • Permanent disfigurement if your injury has changed your appearance
  • Loss of consortium for the loss of an intimate relationship

Our Back Injury Lawyer in Columbus Can Help After an Injury

At Oliver Law Office, our Columbus back injury lawyer can help you obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries after any type of accident. Call or text us today at 614-220-9100 or contact us online to schedule a consultation and to learn more about how we can help.

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