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A side impact collision occurs when one vehicle is traveling in the same direction as another and hits it in the side. In most cases, a side impact collision occurs when one driver tries to change lanes, or merge into traffic from an on or off ramp. Generally speaking, the driver who changed lanes and struck another is at fault for these collisions, but it is not always easy to determine which motorist actually left one lane of traffic to enter another. If you have been injured, our Columbus side impact collisions lawyer can determine if someone else was to blame and if so, will help you recover the maximum damages that are justly yours.

Determining Liability After a Side Impact Collision

All drivers have a legal obligation to remain in the lane they are traveling in and when they must change lanes, they must wait until it is safe to do so. Although it makes sense that any driver who does not do this is at fault for a side impact collision, it is not always easy to determine which driver actually left their lane.

A Columbus side impact collisions lawyer will use a number of methods to determine fault in these accidents. For example, the property damage to any vehicle can indicate which driver left their lane. In other cases, the position the vehicles came to rest in after the crash can indicate who is at fault. Most of the time, though, determining liability after a side impact collision depends mainly on the statements from all of the drivers involved, as well as eyewitnesses. Even these can vary from one person to another, though, making it challenging to determine fault.

Common Causes of Side Impact Collisions

Although most side impact collisions are caused by negligent drivers who leave their lane without first ensuring it is safe to do so, there are many reasons motorists leave their lane of travel negligently. These include:

  • Failure to check blind spots before making a lane change
  • Failure to make sure there is a sufficient amount of space to make a lane change
  • Failure to signal and let other drivers know they are changing lanes
  • Driving while distracted by a phone, food, drink, or in-vehicle systems
  • Driving recklessly
  • Speeding
  • Impaired driving

It is not always drivers who change lanes that are to blame for side impact collisions. In some cases, the driver who was struck is found to be partly liable for the crash, as well. This can happen when the driver who was struck took the following actions:

  • Drives while distracted
  • Increases speed as the other driver makes a lane change to go in front of the struck driver
  • Reduces speed as the other driver makes a lane change to go behind them
  • Drives aggressively, refusing to allow another motorist into their lane

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