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Many Americans use medications on a daily basis. Approximately 20% take three or more medications at a time. Prescription drugs have helped Americans manage chronic conditions and stay alive.

At the same time, though, some drugs have adverse effects. These are serious complications that cause organ damage, nerve damage, rashes, blindness, infections, and other health conditions. These are considered defective drugs and it’s important to let the manufacturer know so they can take the medication off the market.

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Categories of Defective Drugs

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has three categories of drug defects:

  • Category I. Most likely to cause a serious injury or death.
  • Category II. May cause temporary or medically adverse reactions, but not a serious health injury
  • Category III. Not likely to cause an adverse reaction.

What Is a Drug Recall? 

If a prescription or over-the-counter medication has caused a defect listed in one of the categories listed above, then it should be recalled. A recall takes the affected drug off the market. Recalls can be voluntary or involuntary. A pharmaceutical company can recall the drug on its own or be forced to do so by the FDA.

When the FDA gets word that a drug may have adverse effects or side effects that were not noted on the packaging, and the issue is serious enough, they will issue a recall. If you have experienced an injury due to the drug, you may be entitled to compensation from the pharmaceutical company.

What Happens Next?

Defective drug claims are hard to win because you are going up against the manufacturer, who has billions of dollars. Therefore, you need strong evidence as well as an experienced lawyer on your side.

Your defective drug case will need to show proof of injury, such as medical records and documentation that shows when you started taking the drug. Consider other evidence such as:

  • Health or warning labels for the drug
  • Documentation of damages, such as medical bills and payroll records showing that you missed work due to your injury
  • Testimony from others who have experienced the effects of you taking the drug

Contact a lawyer to learn more about possible evidence as well as legal options.

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