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Things to Know About ‘No Zones’ and Transport Trucks

| Truck Accident

As a driver, you are likely familiar with the blind spots around your vehicle and know that the only way to check them is to physically turn your head. Transport trucks also have blind spots, but due to the enormous length and size of these vehicles, those blind spots are much larger.

Being in the blind spot of a transport truck is extremely dangerous. These blind spots are known as ‘no zones’ because drivers are recommended to avoid them whenever possible. Below, our Dublin truck accident lawyer explains more about these dangerous areas surrounding a truck.

The Four No Zones Surrounding Transport Trucks

Most passenger vehicles only have a blind spot behind each shoulder and they are relatively easy to check with a turn of the head. Transport trucks have four no zones surrounding them and large areas of them are impossible for truck drivers to check. The four no zones are:

  • 20 feet ahead of the front bumper: Truck drivers sit very high in their cabs, and the cabin also must house the large engine of a transport. As such, the first no zone extends 20 feet from the front bumper of the truck.
  • Driver’s side door to mid-trailer: The driver’s side mirror can show some cars that are on their left side, but not all of them. The left side no zone on trucks extends from the driver’s side door to the middle of the trailer.
  • Passenger door to rear of trailer: The third no zone is the most dangerous of all for other drivers to be in. This no zone extends from the passenger-side door of the truck to the very rear of the trailer. Additionally, this no zone extends across three lanes of traffic.
  • Directly behind the truck: Truckers have virtually no way to determine when a vehicle is directly behind the truck. This no zone extends two car lengths behind the rear bumper of the truck.

How to Avoid a No Zone Accident

The no zones on a truck will vary depending on the vehicle’s size, mirror type, trailer length, and more. This can make it difficult to determine if you are in a no zone. The two general rules to follow are:

  • If you are driving on the right or left of a transport and you cannot see the driver’s face in the mirror of the truck, you are likely in a no zone.
  • If you are driving behind a truck and you cannot see the side mirrors on the truck, you are definitely in a no zone.

Our Truck Accident Lawyer in Dublin Can Help After a Crash

Even though drivers are encouraged to stay out of a transport truck’s no zones, truckers are also responsible for driving safely and checking those areas before making lane changes, merging, and making other maneuvers. At Oliver Law Office, our Dublin truck accident lawyer can determine when a trucker is liable for a no-zone accident and hold accountable parties responsible for paying the full compensation you deserve. Call or text us now at 614-220-9100 or chat with us online to book a review of your case.



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