December 2023


Why Ohio Drivers Should Carry Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

At Oliver Law Office, our Columbus car accident attorneys know that no matter how carefully and defensively you drive, you cannot always account for the number of negligent drivers who share our Ohio roadways. Ohio drivers cannot predict when a crash will occur, or the severity of resulting injuries.  The one thing drivers can

What if I Was a Passenger Who Was Injured in a Vehicle Collision in Ohio?

At Oliver Law Office, our car accident attorneys in Columbus know that being a passenger in someone else’s vehicle is not uncommon. Whether carpooling to work, going to dinner, or heading to an event, being a passenger has its perks. The downside is that passengers are placed in a vulnerable position, at

What Can I Do After Being Injured in an Ohio Hit & Run Accident?

Our Columbus car accident attorneys at Oliver Law Office know that  an auto accident can be a life-changing  experience and a source of significant physical and emotional pain. This may be especially true if you look up from the crash and see the at-fault driver fleeing from the scene. If you find

How Do I Obtain a Copy of My Vehicle Collision Report in Ohio?

Our Columbus car accident attorneys at Oliver Law Office understand how vital a vehicle collision report is when pursuing an insurance claim after a crash. Following a car wreck in Ohio, law enforcement will typically put together an accident report that describes, among other things, where the collision occurred, what happened, whether