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Top Five Bicycle Crash Injuries

| Bicycle Accident

Bicyclists only account for one percent of vehicle traffic. But they account for double that proportion of roadway fatalities. Even if they survive, bicycle accident victims usually sustain serious injuries, as outlined below. Financial and emotional injuries are in the mix as well. The medical bills in a catastrophic (life-threatening) injury case usually exceed $40,000. The financial stress creates emotional stress. The combination makes physical recovery harder, which leads to more medical bills and more stress.

Columbus bicycle accident attorney addresses all these areas. A lawyer isn’t a doctor, but a lawyer may be able to connect someone with a doctors who focus on injury-related conditions. As a bonus, these top-flight doctors may be willing to treat the patient for nothing upfront especially if they have no insurance. So, an attorney helps the physical healing process begin sooner and eases financial stress. That combination eases emotional strain, so victims can get back to living life.

Head Injuries

A thin, foam bicycle helmet may protect a rider if s/he hits a curb and falls off the bike. But these helmets provide almost no protection in a high-speed collision. Furthermore, the fall off the bike, as opposed to a trauma injury, often causes a head injury.

The human brain isn’t much bigger than two clenched fists. So, when people fall, their brains slam against the insides of their skulls. We feel this effect almost every day. Mild motion is stimulating. Extreme motion is devastating.

Broken Bones

Extreme stops during motion also cause broken bones. Crash-related broken bones are much more serious than stepping-off-the-curb-related broken bones.

Large, fast cars usually crush bones instead of merely breaking them. As a result, doctors must use extreme measures, such as metal implants, to surgically reconstruct these bones. Frequently, victims never fully recover from such injuries. For example, Tony might permanently lose range of motion in a broken knee.

A Columbus personal injury attorney also connects victims with physical therapists who know how to rehabilitate injured knees and other body parts.


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is not an emotional condition. Instead, it’s a specific kind of traumatic  brain injury.

Extreme stress shrinks the hippocampus (part of the brain that controls logical responses) and, as a result, the amygdala (emotional responses) expands. This imbalance leads to depression, anger, flashbacks, hypervigilance, and other signature PTSD symptoms.

Internal Injuries

The motion of a bike crash doesn’t just cause the brain to slam against the skull. It also causes internal organs to slam against each other.

Since kidneys and other organs don’t have protective skin lawyers, the slightest abrasion or cut bleeds badly. Such internal bleeding is hard to detect at accident scenes, especially since emergency responders are preoccupied with external wounds. As a result, doctors must fight an uphill battle when they treat internal injuries.

Nerve Injuries

When bikers fall, they naturally extend their arms. This natural reaction often snaps nerves in the underarm brachial plexus nerve bundle. This injury, which is also known as Erb’s palsy or biker’s arm, usually affects the face and arms. This nerve injury is also permanent. Doctors might be able to ease the symptoms, but they can’t “cure” the injury.

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