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New Lawsuits Claim CooperSurgical IVF Solution Killed Embryos

| CooperSurgical IVF Solution
Lawsuits Claim CooperSurgical IVF Solution Killed Embryos

Women pursuing in vitro fertilization (IVF) as an assisted reproductive technology (ART) to grow their families understand the IVF process — listed here in very simplified steps — includes the initial consultation with their fertility physician(s), medications to suppress the menstrual cycle, ovarian stimulation, egg retrieval, fertilization, embryo transfer, and a pregnancy test.

Between fertilization and embryo transplant, the embryos are submerged in a culture media solution containing essential nutrients that mimic the fluids in a woman’s reproductive tract.

Sadly, IVF patients and their families in Ohio and nationwide were recently alerted to some shocking news that may have impacted the viability of their embryos.

In December 2023, CooperSurgical issued a recall notice for three batches of its embryo culture media due to alleged complaints of impaired and unusable embryo development before the blastocyst stage, where a cluster of dividing cells form about five to six days after a sperm fertilizes an egg.

Simply put, the use of the now-recalled CooperSurgical culture media solution batches in fertility clinics nationwide damaged the embryos, rendering them unusable.

At Oliver Law Office, our Columbus IVF recall lawsuit attorneys understand how physically, emotionally, and financially devastating this news is to those impacted. If you were one of the families alerted to this recall after your embryos were damaged, contact us today to learn more about your legal rights and options to hold CooperSurgical liable for their defective product.

Our law firm CEO and founder, Jami S. Oliver, has 30 years of experience in defective products. She has made her career holding large companies accountable for defective pharmaceuticals and other medical products.

Best Lawyers named her 2024 Lawyer of the Year for Defective Products in Columbus, Ohio. She is available for a free consultation today to discuss your critical CNY Fertility lawsuit.

Which Batches of CooperSurgical Culture Medial Solution Were Recalled?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration posted a recall notice stating that nearly 1,000 bottles of CooperSurgical culture media were affected, about half of which were purchased by clinics in the United States.

The filing said the company notified affected clinics on December 13, 2023, alerting them to “performance issues may lead to impaired embryo development” and instructing customers to stop using the product.

The three culture media LGGG Lots that were recalled include the following:

  • LGGG-020: UDI-DI 00815965020044, lot 231020-018741
  • LGGG-050: UDI-DI 00815965020051, lot 231020-018742
  • LGGG-100: UDI-DI 00815965020068, lot 231020-018743

By the time of the announcement, the damage to countless embryos had already been done by the defective culture media. If you have suffered the devastating loss of destroyed IVF eggs, attorneys at Oliver Law Office are here to help you pursue a CooperSurgical culture media recall lawsuit so you can seek justice from the manufacturer that caused your significant loss.

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