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Five Common Types of Premises Liability Claims

| Premises Liability
Premises Liability Claims

When you shop at a store, visit a friend’s house, or go out to enjoy the day with family, you never expect to become seriously hurt as a result. Of course, accidents can happen anywhere, even on the property of third parties. When a property owner has failed to keep their premises in a safe condition and someone becomes injured, the property owner can be held liable for paying damages. These legal actions are known as premises liability claims and there are several types that are commonly filed. Below, our Dublin premises liability lawyer explains:

Slip and Fall Accidents

Of all the different types of premises liability claims, those involving slip and fall accidents are the most common. Many people think slip and fall accidents are relatively minor, but that is not always true. Slip and falls may cause very serious injuries including broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and more. They are often caused by spilled liquids, broken stairways or steps, or even loose cords or wires.

Swimming Pool Accidents

Swimming pools are a classic way to relax and unwind on a hot summer’s day. Unfortunately, not everyone takes pool safety as seriously as they should. According to the Centers for Disease and Control Prevention (CDC), approximately 8,000 drownings occur in swimming pools every year and half of those are fatal. Swimming pool accidents are often caused by loose pool covers, faulty fences and gates, poor lighting, and drain entrapment.

Dog Bites

Dogs are often referred to as ‘man’s best friend’ due to their fierce loyalty. Sadly, sometimes they are just fierce. Dogs’ sharp teeth and powerful jaws can cause substantial damage in just a few seconds. Dog attacks typically result in puncture wounds, infections, muscle and tendon damage, facial injuries, nerve damage and even loss of limb.

Elder Neglect

An incredible number of people are charged with providing proper care to our elderly population across thousands of hospitals, hospices, and nursing homes. While many facilities and individuals try their best to provide proper care, elders do not always receive it. When elders are neglected, they are more likely to fall or otherwise suffer serious injuries. Falls in particular are very dangerous for senior citizens and can result in a premises liability claim.

Insufficient Security

An assault, rape, or other crime may result in a criminal case against the offending individual. Victims may also choose to file a personal injury case against their attacker. However, when a crime was committed due to insufficient security, victims may be able to also file a claim against the property owner for failing to keep them safe.

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