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When we accept a job, we expect to get paid on time and get paid the proper amount owed. If the employer is always late with payroll or pays you a lot less than expected, it can be frustrating. We have bills to pay. We need to make sure that a job is worth it based on our lifestyle.

If your employer violated your rights as an employee, then you may have a valid claim against them. Some examples of wage and hour issues include:

  • Not paying at least minimum wages
  • Not paying overtime wages when working 40+ hours per week
  • Not allowing paid breaks
  • Not paying your vacation time when you earned it
  • Taking away your tips or commissions
  • Taking deductions from paychecks for no reason

You deserve to get paid what you are worth in accordance with state and federal laws. Oliver Law can help you understand your legal rights. Contact a Dublin wage & hour and FLSA lawyer to schedule a consultation today.

Elements of the Fair Labor Standard Act

The Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) encompasses several laws such as the following:

  • Minimum wage. While the federal minimum wage is set at $7.25 per hour, Ohio, like most other states, also has minimum wage laws. It is currently at $10.10 per hour. In these situations, the employee is entitled to the higher minimum wage.
  • FLSA overtime. Nonexempt employees are required to receive overtime if they work more than 40 hours per workweek. Any hours over 40 must be paid at a rate of one and one-half times the regular rate of pay. So if a person’s regular pay rate is $20 per hour, they must be paid $30 an hour for overtime. There is no limit on the number of hours an employee over the age of 16 years or older may work in any workweek.
  • Hours worked. Hours worked include all the time in which an employee is required to be on duty, on the employer’s premises, or at a prescribed workplace. An employer cannot require a worker to show up early and not get paid for this time.
  • Accurate and regular recordkeeping is essential for Ohio employers. They must keep employee time and pay records as well as display an official poster outlining the requirements of the FLSA.
  • Child labor. There are laws in place to keep children safe and out of dangerous workplaces. Under the FLSa, children are prohibited from working in conditions that are detrimental to their health or well-being.

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Wage theft is a serious issue. You are expected to receive fair compensation under state and federal laws.

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