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Oliver Law Office has been helping personal injury victims in Ohio since 2000. We are committed to serving our community, and to better accomplish this goal, we have opened offices in Columbus and Dublin to provide services in as many areas of Ohio as possible.
Our exceptional lawyers practice law wherever our clients need it. We have tried cases throughout Ohio, traveling to support our clients. Ohio is a large state, but that doesn’t slow us down. It gives us more opportunities to show our dedication to helping community members.
If you were injured in any of the following areas of Ohio, contact our law firm to learn how we can help you get compensation.


The City of Columbus is the capital of Ohio. It is home to hundreds of businesses and almost a million people. It is also where Interstate 71 and Interstate 70 meet. This means it gets a lot of traffic traveling at high speeds.
Personal injury cases in Columbus often involve car or truck accidents on the interstates, employment law litigation against one of the city’s many employers, or construction accident lawsuits. Due to the active nightlife, many car accidents in the area involve drunk-driving claims.
If you have a claim in Columbus, you should do your best to get contact information for witnesses. With almost a million residents, someone probably saw the incident, but you likely don’t know the person.


Dublin is a gorgeous suburb of Columbus. It has multiple parks and golf clubs, as well as a hockey academy, Urban Air Trampoline, and Adventure Park.
What does all this mean to lawyers? It means there are many places where people can get hurt while having a good time. If you were injured by a golf ball hitting your head or a car that plowed into you while you were rollerblading in the park, who will pay for your medical bills?
That depends on whether someone was negligent. Did the golfer provide a fair warning and aim toward the fairway with their stroke? If so, they are probably in the clear. However, if they were goofing around, hitting balls randomly, they were likely negligent.
Our legal team will help you determine whether you were a victim of negligence and what damages you could obtain.


Hilliard is a primarily residential neighborhood. It has a Dave & Buster’s and a mountain bike area, but it is mostly just a suburban neighborhood filled with family homes. How does someone suffer a personal injury at home?
Personal injuries at home are often the result of a defective product. Product liability laws in Ohio protect you when a manufacturer creates a product with a foreseeable risk.
If you are hurt at home due to a defective product, contact our law firm right away. Our legal team has experience challenging multi-national corporations and never backs down from a fight when a client has been injured.


Gahanna is adjacent to the John Glenn Columbus International Airport, making it a common location for premises liability claims.
Airports present a variety of premises liability risks. Moving platforms and escalators can cause serious injuries, especially if they stop suddenly. Airport personnel are supposed to warn travelers when these devices are broken. The airport could be liable for injuries if they fail to give appropriate warning signs.
Furthermore, airports have lots of restaurants and bars. This means that spilled food is common, especially in the eating areas. This creates a significant slip-and-fall danger when janitorial staff don’t clean up a mess promptly. If you were injured in a fall due to a spill at the Columbus airport, contact Oliver Law Office right away.

Grove City

One of Grove City’s biggest draws is the city-run Big Splash water park. It is a great place to relax in the hot summer months and have fun, but it can also be dangerous when personnel are irresponsible.
A slip and fall injury is one of the most common injuries at a water park. While you should expect the area around a pool to be wet, that doesn’t excuse staff from ignoring puddles or not trying to keep the area dry. If you slip at the water park, document the condition of the area and then contact Oliver Law Office.
The worst-case scenario is that someone could drown or get seriously hurt enjoying the water slides, pools, or climbing walls. Big Splash is supposed to have lifeguards and other safety staff to prevent these accidents. But if they are negligent, you could have a personal injury or wrongful death claim against the city.


Far from any major city, Mansfield is a quaint suburban area. Its most stand-out feature is that it is home to one of the largest hospitals in the area.

Hospitals are usually places where you go to get well. However, that assumes that the doctors, nurses, and other staff are following proper standards of care. If they don’t, you can get seriously injured by malpractice.
At Oliver Law Office, we take medical malpractice cases seriously. Our founder, Jami S. Oliver, was rated as one of Central Ohio’s top medical malpractice lawyers in 2024. She will take your concerns seriously and investigate whether your injuries resulted from medical negligence.


Newark would be relatively small if not for the presence of Ohio State University’s Newark campus. The influx of almost 3,000 young adults, for most of the year, significantly influences the economy and nightlife in the area.

As is true at most college campuses, having thousands of young adults around creates dangers. Students may get hurt participating in college activities or get alcohol poisoning by going to a party.

Depending on the circumstances, the school or other parties may be responsible when a student gets hurt. In some situations, the school may even be responsible for failing to provide proper security if a student gets assaulted.

If you were injured on the Ohio State University’s Newark campus, discuss your case with our attorneys during a scheduled case evaluation.


Westerville is a mix of environments. It is primarily residential, though it has a university campus, a water park, a trampoline park, a nearby lake, and several hiking trails.
With all the trails and green areas in Westerville, it is home to plenty of dogs. If a dog bites you, Ohio law is on your side. The attorneys at Oliver Law Office can help you get compensation for your injuries.

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If you have been seriously injured due to the actions of another person, you want help from someone you can trust. At Oliver Law Office, our attorneys are committed to supporting you through unparalleled communication and commitment to your individualized needs.

If that pledge sounds good, contact Oliver Law Office as soon as possible to schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer who cares.

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When Jami Oliver launched her own firm in 2000, she did so with one simple idea in mind: to seek justice for those who have been hurt, injured, or wronged due to the negligence of others. While she’s won numerous awards and accolades in the years since, her philosophy hasn’t changed. If you need an attorney who can advocate for you after an accident, product recall, or other tragedy, the Oliver Law Office should be your first choice.