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Personal injury law is a diverse area of civil law, covering actions ranging from slander to catastrophic truck accidents. As such, any reputable full-service personal injury law firm must be staffed with attorneys who focus on specific aspects of the law. And that’s exactly what Oliver Law Office, located in Columbus, Ohio, sets out to be.

Our women-led law firm consists of talented, courageous, diligent, passionate litigation and injury attorneys. We pride ourselves in being knowledgeable about the law and our ability to handle a range of serious and devastating personal injury and death claims.

Every case and every client is unique, of course, so when you first contact us, we’ll take the time to learn about the details of your case. In turn, we’ll be able to assign an attorney who is uniquely qualified to get you the individualized results you need in the following practice areas.

Vehicle Accidents

Easily the most common type of case we get at Oliver Law Office, vehicle accident cases involve any of the following:

These types of accidents should be the easiest to handle without legal representation, at least in theory. Every driver is required to have insurance, and that insurance is supposed to prevent an accident from financially ruining you or your family.

Unfortunately, what works in theory rarely works in practice, and insurance companies are likely to fight you every step of the way during the claims process.

Unless you are represented by an experienced Ohio personal injury firm, your insurer will more than likely control the claims process altogether. That means it will investigate your claim, determine whether your claim is valid, and calculate the value of any compensation you will be awarded, a recipe for bad-faith arguments.

It’s here where Oliver Law Office steps up and performs an independent evaluation of the evidence, preserving it for use in your claim. In turn, you’re given a fighting chance against the insurance company.

Workers’ Compensation

In many ways, workers’ compensation claims are similar to vehicle accident claims. Ohio law should protect workers and ensure they get fair compensation after getting injured at work. Unfortunately, just as is true of vehicle accident claims, insurers typically control the claims process, making it all too easy for them to deny or undervalue your claim.

Even worse, your employer also has a financial incentive to dispute your claim, as it could result in your employer paying higher premiums or having to hire a temporary worker to perform your duties. By challenging your claim, your employer might be able to save money. No matter how helpful your employer or their insurance company may seem, you should never trust them to be on your side.

Contact Oliver Law Office immediately after suffering an injury at work. We’ll help streamline the process and ensure you get as much money as you are eligible to receive. And we will be there to protect your rights and prevent you from getting denied benefits when you need them most.

Premises Liability

In Ohio, property owners have a duty to provide a safe environment for invitees to the property. These include anyone who was explicitly invited, as well as people who enter public places without an explicit invitation.

A park, for example, is a public place. And even though it is privately owned, a store is considered effectively a public place during its usual business hours, as well, seeing as its visitors are there to shop or otherwise do things related to the purpose of the store.

When a property owner fails to properly maintain their property, they are liable for injuries caused by this negligence. They can often avoid this liability if they warn invitees of a danger that hasn’t been corrected.

Dog Bites

Ohio has strict dog bite liability regulations. Owners are responsible for any injury their dog causes in almost all circumstances. There are exceptions, though. If you were trespassing, attempting to attack the dog or its owner, or tormenting the dog in some way, the fault would likely fall at your feet instead.
With that in mind, the dog owner’s insurer might try to falsely claim that an exception applies in your case. We have experience fighting these claims and will seek to get you as much money as possible from a dog bite or similar injury.

Defective Products

Every day, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issues recalls and alerts regarding unsafe products. That amounts to hundreds, if not thousands, of defective products every year, and it means countless individuals are getting hurt by them. But what can you do to get fair compensation from a multinational corporation that employs hundreds of lawyers?

You turn to a law firm that personifies confidence, courage, and determination. Those are the three traits that allow our Ohio personal injury attorneys to fight for your rights. We don’t care how large the corporation is or how many lawyers are brought in to defend it. If negligent design, manufacturing, or distribution resulted in your injuries, we will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Employment Discrimination

Ohio is an at-will employment state, which means you can be fired for almost any reason.

The keyword there is “almost.” Your employer cannot make decisions regarding your hiring, firing, wages, raises, promotions, or benefits based solely on your belonging to a protected class. Protected classes include the following:
  • Race
  • National origin
  • Citizenship status
  • Color
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation
  • Gender identity
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Genetic information
  • Pregnancy
If you suspect your employer has discriminated against you regarding any of these factors, contact Oliver Law Office immediately.

Discriminatory cases can be difficult to prove, as employers will often hide or destroy evidence of impropriety or try to make it look like their actions were taken for a different reason. Our legal team has experience uncovering the real reasons behind their action and preserving evidence that is critical to getting clients like you a fair settlement or positive jury verdict.

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death claim is a unique type of personal injury claim. In order to be eligible to file such a claim, your loved one must have been eligible to file a personal injury claim had they survived.

Typically, you are eligible to get the same types of compensation they would have gotten had they survived, though some damages are unique to wrongful death claims. For example, you can get compensation for loss of companionship or burial costs.

Breaking Barriers, Building Trust: Women-Led Injury Law

For over 20 years, the legal team at Oliver Law Office has been dedicated to learning, growing, and excelling as professionals. We are highly experienced, having handled almost every type of personal injury case in the book. It is our pursuit of knowledge and the ability to work as a team that gets results.

If you or a loved one was seriously injured or killed due to the negligence of another party, you can’t depend on the insurance companies to offer fair compensation. Contact Oliver Law Office today to schedule a free consultation with an attorney you can trust.

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When Jami Oliver launched her own firm in 2000, she did so with one simple idea in mind: to seek justice for those who have been hurt, injured, or wronged due to the negligence of others. While she’s won numerous awards and accolades in the years since, her philosophy hasn’t changed. If you need an attorney who can advocate for you after an accident, product recall, or other tragedy, the Oliver Law Office should be your first choice.