Ohio Small Busines Consultation & Training

After 27 years of representing employees and employers in discrimination and retaliation cases, Oliver Law Office has expanded its practice areas to include consultation and training for small businesses. Our goal is to prevent litigation in the first place.

Litigation and lawsuits are time-consuming and expensive. Having represented parties on both sides of the aisle, our law firm is familiar with some of the most common failures and inadequacies that lead to lawsuits.

Training HR staff as well as management is very important. What a manager does or says during work hours can be critical and can lead to litigation.

It is important that all workers, even if they are not part of management, know their rights, know their obligations, and know the rules and procedures. Knowledge leads to strength and unity. The goal is to prevent problems from arising and that requires open communication. If problems do arise and they are handled appropriately, many lawsuits can be avoided, saving employers and employees alike thousands of dollars.

If you are the owner of a small business or are employed in a small HR department, or if you are operating with an outdated handbook (or no handbook at all), Oliver Law Office can provide you with an affordable way to consult and train to help avoid future litigation. Call or email us today.