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Ozempic Lawsuit Attorneys in Ohio

One of the latest health trends throughout the country is using Ozempic to facilitate weight loss and manage diabetes. Unfortunately, several complaints of abdominal obstruction as a result of the drug have led the FDA to consider regulatory action.
This comes too late for consumers already facing health issues because of Ozempic. If you have used Ozempic and suffered injuries as a result, it’s essential to turn to an Ohio Ozempic attorney for help filing a claim. Our team of experienced lawyers at Oliver Law Office is ready to defend your rights.

What Is Ozempic?

Ozempic is a brand name for semaglutide, an agonist medication made to help people with Type 2 diabetes better manage blood sugar levels. Semaglutide functions by mimicking a hormone the body naturally produces, GLP-1, which slows the speed at which food travels through the stomach.
By doing so, semaglutide helps people feel fuller for longer, reducing the urge to eat and leading to weight loss. However, semaglutide appears to increase the risk of stomach paralysis, bowel obstructions, and other health concerns.
Ozempic is most likely to cause issues in people who take high doses and who have been on the medication for an extended period. Because the warning labels on Ozempic don’t mention all potential side effects, you can file a personal injury claim if you’ve suffered injuries. To do so, you need to turn to an Ohio diabetes drugs attorney.

Ozempic’s Potential Side Effects and Risks

Ozempic and other semaglutide medications have been linked to a variety of severe conditions. If you’ve suffered any of these after taking the medication, whether for diabetes or weight loss, you could be eligible to file a drug side effects lawsuit in Ohio.


Gastroparesis is the medical term for stomach paralysis, and it’s a condition that slows or completely stops the movement of food through your stomach and into your small intestine. It occurs despite there being no blockages. You can experience symptoms like feeling full after a few bites, vomiting, and nausea.

Gallbladder Disease

Your gallbladder is an organ on the right side of your body, under your liver. It holds bile, which it releases into the small intestine during digestion. Ozempic can cause gallbladder issues, including inflammation, gallstones, and even cancer.

Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome

Cyclic vomiting syndrome is a disorder that leads to repeated episodes of feeling ill and vomiting. It can cause you to feel nausea regularly and lead to entire days of vomiting. CVS can be very dangerous, putting you at risk of dehydration and esophageal damage.


Ileus is a digestive disorder that prevents food, gas, fluids, and digestive secretions from passing through the intestines. Untreated ileus can lead to perforation or tear of the intestines, causing bowel contents and all of the bacteria they contain to spill into the abdominal cavity. It can be deadly.

Filing a Product Liability Claim in Ohio

When a medication doesn’t work as intended, or its labels don’t warn the consumer of potential side effects, it’s possible to file a product liability lawsuit in Ohio. Unlike other types of personal injury claims, you don’t have to prove negligence when dealing with product liability.
You do, however, have to demonstrate that the use of Ozempic led you to suffer injuries and that the manufacturer didn’t warn you of those risks. For most people filing this type of claim, there’s a two-year statute of limitations from when you discover your injury.
Because filing a product liability claim against powerful pharmaceutical companies isn’t simple, you want to have a personal injury lawyer in Ohio with considerable experience. At Oliver Law Office, we can help you get the compensation you deserve.

Damages You Can Claim During an Ozempic Lawsuit

Ohio allows for both economic and non-economic damages in product liability claims. Because the state follows modified comparative fault statutes, your degree of fault does play a role in how much compensation you can receive.

If you were 25% at fault for the injuries you suffered, for example, that percentage would be subtracted from your compensation. If you were more than 50% at fault for your injuries, you would be unable to receive compensation. You need to turn to an attorney to have a greater chance of receiving the damages you deserve from an Ozempic lawsuit in Ohio.

Economic Damages

Ohio doesn’t cap the amount of economic damages you can claim. These damages aim to compensate you for the tangible losses you suffered.
Medical expenses make up a large part, allowing you to claim hospital bills, rehabilitation, and more. If your injuries are severe enough to require ongoing care, you can also claim future medical expenses to cover that.

Dealing with the kinds of injuries that Ozempic can cause often means missing work. By claiming lost wages, you can get compensation covering salaries, commissions, and bonuses you may have missed out on. If you won’t be able to return to work in the same capacity or at all, you’re able to claim future wages, too.

Non-Economic Damages

Ohio caps the non-economic damages you can claim. You can only recover up to three times your economic damages or up to $250,000, whichever is the more significant number.
Non-economic damages include compensation for the emotional and physical distress you’ve undergone (called pain and suffering damages). If you can’t live your life as you did before the accident, you can also claim loss of enjoyment of life. In cases where a loved one dies because of Ozempic use, family members can claim loss of consortium.

Why Hiring a Product Liability Attorney in Ohio Is Vital

Pharmaceutical litigation in Ohio is highly complex and requires people with experience. You don’t want to deal with the team of lawyers pharmaceutical companies employ without your own representation.
When you turn to lawyers like us at Oliver Law Office, you get a thorough case assessment that allows us to put together the best strategy for getting you the compensation you deserve. We’ll begin by gathering evidence, including contacting witnesses who can testify about how Ozempic impacts the digestive system.
Because you’ll be getting treatment for your injuries, we’ll take care of all the paperwork so you can focus on healing. We’ll negotiate and take your case to court if we feel the other party isn’t negotiating in good faith.

Choose an Experienced Negligence Lawyer in Ohio

If you’ve taken Ozempic and are facing health issues connected to the drug, the best thing you can do is to file a diabetes drugs lawsuit in Ohio. At Oliver Law Office, we’re here to guide you through the intricacies of these kinds of claims so that you have a better chance of getting substantial compensation.
We’re a women-led law firm that offers compassionate services and the individualized representation you deserve. You’re more than just another client to us — you’re an individual who deserves respect and care.
We’re ready to meet you in person by visiting you at your location. If you prefer, we also offer virtual consultations. Contact Oliver Law Office to schedule a meeting with one of our attorneys.
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