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Columbus & Dublin Injury Lawyer / Columbus Intentional Tort Lawyer

Columbus Intentional Tort Lawyer

There are protections for Intentional Torts in Ohio. Some arise in the workplace, but they do not necessarily have to arise that way. Here are some different types of intentional conduct that you are protected from:

Workplace Intentional Torts

Ohio’s workplace protection law is codified at R.C. 2745.01. https://codes.ohio.gov/ohio-revised-code/section-2745.01

These cases are very difficult and are strictly controlled by the language of the statute. Clear and convincing evidence of deliberate injury is required. This includes situations where there was the removal of a guard on a machine which then led to injury or death. The Courts in Ohio have set out rules, on a case by case basis, of what constitutes the removal of a safety guard which is different from a mere safety device. To determine if your case involves a true violation of this statute, please call the office.

Assault and Battery: Assault is when a person’s actions or threat has caused you to have real fear of being harmed. Battery is when your injuries are caused by an intentional actual physical contact against you. Often these two are alleged together in one complaint as one leads to another.

Conversion: Conversion occurs when someone takes your property without your permission. In short, it is when a person steals from you.

False Imprisonment: False Imprisonment is when a person intentionally restrains you and prevents you from leaving or going where you want to go. Sometime being trapped in a small office with an irate supervisor who is blocking the door and refusing to allow you to leave can be classified as false imprisonment.

Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress: This type of emotional distress sometimes arises in a hostile work environment where another person engages in conduct or activity, or makes statements that are outrageous and offensive which lead a reasonable person to have to quit their job or suffer such severe emotional trauma that they seek medical attention.

Contact An Experienced Columbus Intentional Tort Lawyer

If you have questions about whether you have a claim for an intentional tort, please contact Oliver Law Office at 614-220-9100 for a consultation. Please note that not all employment-related consultations are free, so you may be asked to pre-screen with a paralegal or intake staff prior to scheduling an appointment.

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